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There is no automatic right for section leaders or deputy group leaders to be part of the Scout Council, unless they either have a dual role (e.g. Secretary / quartermaster) or are appointed as one of the two ordinary members. We would contend that in small groups this places a significant volume of work on volunteers (particularly those who have a dual role), and in larger groups it does not allow for full and appropriate representation of all sections. Has this been considered by Scouting Ireland?




This was considered but in the circumstances pertaining we proposed the changes to National Council in April 2017 and after lengthy discussion they were approved. There is ongoing work regarding the future structure of Scout Groups and information and ideas were collected at the recent Provincial Conferences about this. This information and ideas will be used when consideration is being given to what, if any, changes are required to the current structure (Rule 43A).

A recent communication from the National Secretary, explains these changes in some detail HERE.